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Making your biggest decision your easiest

The age of information. It means everything you could ever want to know about countertops and decorative surfaces is out there. It also means you’re a little overwhelmed. So here, in one page, are all the best reasons Radianz™ Quartz should be the centerpiece of your project.

Radianz™ Quartz surfaces are:

Impact resistant.
Mined natural quartz is one of the hardest minerals found in nature, making Radianz™ countertops extremely durable and long lasting. If frying pans ever inexplicably slip from your grasp, this is a definite advantage.

NSF Compliant.
Because of its hygienic qualities, Radianz™ is one of the few surfaces certified safe for direct contact with food in service and preparation areas. If you consider plates an unnecessary tool in the art of sandwich making, this is a definite advantage.

No matter what your project entails, in a commercial or residential space, Radianz™ Quartz can give you the perfect high tech, high touch surface. If your project is creative, ambitious, or just plain huge, this is a definite advantage.

Heat resistant.
Radianz™ is highly resistant to heat damage so exposure to ambient temperatures associated with cooking won’t ruin your countertop. If you like to cook like you’re on Iron Chef, this is a definite advantage.

Radianz™ Quartz countertops are non-porous so they are impervious to moisture, making them highly resistant to bacterial growth. This also makes Radianz™ highly stain resistant and virtually maintenance free. No sealing or polishing required. If you have clumsy friends, or a clumsy spouse, this is a definite advantage.

Consistent in color.
Radianz™ offers consistent color and uniform texture throughout an entire surface. With marble and granite countertops on the other hand, it’s difficult to match a sample to a slab because appearances vary. If you want to see the color you choose on virtually every inch of your countertop, this is a definite advantage.


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